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At Ultrafresh Cleaners Alteration Services, we have an unwavering commitment to our clients and are guided by a simple and transparent approach: to provide the absolute best tailoring and alterations combined with an equally pleasing experience.

Whether you need to look your best for your wedding or just for the weekend, in the ballroom or the boardroom, our experience in tailoring and alterations has you covered.

We are a premier, full service alteration company based in Lower Ballymount Road, Dublin. We believe that we are raising the bar in the alteration space. Why settle for a lackluster experience with your typical local dry cleaner when you can experience the Ultrafresh difference?

At Ultrafresh, we are committed to providing a personalized experience that is tailored specifically for you. We pride ourselves in providing each client with a one-on-one consultation with an expert tailor. We make the process a collaborative and enjoyable one, where you can discuss your alteration needs with an experienced tailor in a friendly environment.

Our process and pricing are completely transparent. That’s why we encourage everyone to take advantage of our risk-free (complimentary) consultations, where we’re happy to discuss your alteration needs and provide a price quote.

We Perform World Class Alterations And Repairs To:


Our emphasis is always on YOU, the client. That’s why we’re committed to working around your schedule. We make it very convenient to meet our experts. You can schedule an appointment by emailing us, visiting our website or calling us. We also accept walk-ins! In addition, we accommodate same day and next day alterations, express tailoring and rush alterations.

No job is too small or too large. If you require tailoring for a garment with a complex, ornate design or sophisticated construction, don’t worry! We have extensive experience working with all garments and fabric types (e.g., wool, leather, fur, denim, rugged cotton, nylon, velvet, linen, etc.).

Bridal Services

On your Wedding Day, you and your gown have to present a visual sense of perfection itself. From the veil to the train, from the bust to the bustle, Ultrafresh Alterations can help create that perfection for you.

We know you don’t have time for loose lace, beading that’s falling off, hems that are too long or too short, or a bodice that’s too tight or too loose. You need your wedding gown alterations done right the first time.

At Ultrafresh Alterations, you’ll be trusting your wedding gown to a certified, professional dress maker that knows how your wedding gown is put together, and how to alter your gown to fit your vision of your dream day.

During the fitting and alterations process, you will have the opportunity to discuss all of your desires and concerns with one of the top wedding gown specialists here in Lower Ballymount Road, Dublin.

We wil also provide you with a wealth of information and options concerning you and your gown to insure your complete satisfaction.You can now schedule an appointment online for your convenience. Just click on the button below.


Small Repairs Minimum Charge €9.80
Take Up Hem/Lower Hem €11.50
Take In Waist & Back Seam €13.00
Taper Leg/Inside Leg €14.00
Plastic Zip €12.00
Metal Zip €14.00
Button Plastic €2.00
Button Metal €5.00
Patch On Leg/Back Each €12.50
Pocket Repair Inside €10.50
Pocket Repair Outside €10.50

Any Hems Cut By Customers On There Own Cannot Be Done.
Measurements Given By Customers At Customers Own Risk.

Curtain Alterations

Curtain Hem Alterations From:€25.00
Single Room Curtains – NOT Lined From €22.00
Single Room Curtains – Lined From €25.00
Double Bed Room Curtains – NOT Lined From €30.00
Double Bed Room Curtains – Lined From €35.00
Double Bed Room Blackout Curtains From €40.00
Sitting Room Curtains – NOT Lined From €40.00
Sitting Room Curtains – Lined From €45.00
Heavy Sitting Room Curtains – Lined From €50.00
Heavy Sitting Room Blackout Curtains – Lined From €55.00


Please Note: Some Zips Cannot Be Repaired Or Fabric May Stretch Out. Zips Take 4-5 Working Days.

Take Hem Up/Down €22.00
Take In/ Take Out Sides/Back €25.00
Take Up Sleeves €16.80
New Zip From:€20.00
New Runner €8.50
Plastic Buttons €2.00
Metal Fancy Button €3.50
Lining Repairs From:€14.50
Repair Under Arm Rip €14.50


Take Up Dress – No Lining €14.50
Take Up Dress – Lined €16.50
Zip Plastic Visible Short €14.00
Zip Plastic Visible Long €16.00
Zip Invisible Short €16.00
Zip Invisible Long €18.00
Shorten Sleeves €15.00

Any Dresses That Needs Taking In Or Out Require A Booked Fitting.


Take Up Skirt – No Lining €14.00
Take Up Skirt – Lined €16.00
Take In Waist From:€14.50
Zip Plastic Visible Short €14.00
Zip Plastic Visible Long €16.00
Zip Invisible Short €16.00
Zip Invisible Long €18.00
Zip Metal Short/Long €14.00/€18:00

Any Skirts That Needs Taking In Or Out Require A Booked Fitting

T&C’s Apply