Curtains and Roman Blinds Dry Cleaning

Ultrafresh has been delivering expert dry cleaning and personal care of your very expensive curtains and Roman Blinds. We are using the new innovative HiGlo system which will make your items look amazing. This is the best solution to clean all types of fabrics including multi-lined curtains and roman shades. HiGlo is delicate on fabrics, especially any high-risk items, it is the best way to dry clean any materials. ¬†We believe in providing you with the best service, with immaculate results only using the best products available. The new system allows our customers to receive better quality service. Did you know? Blackout curtains or Roman blinds usually are considered high-risk items and can get damaged in standard dry cleaning. Well, no more! With HiGlo innovative system we can clean your curtains and Roman blinds in a safer manner decreasing any possibility of damage. Caring for delicate fabrics with our well-reputed, unique level of attention, Here at Ultrafresh we treat all of our customer’s garment with the utmost care and respect it deserves.


All curtains and Roman Blinds are collected & delivered by our experienced team. We will take them down and re-hang them for you too. To get a quotation please contact us via the following:

WhatsApp: 087 987 37 47

Mobile:087 987 37 47

*All Curtains/ Roman Blinds MUST have Owner’s Risk MUST be Signed

T&C’s Apply