Blind Cleaning And Repair Service

aluminium venetian blinds cleaning

UltraFreshCleaners.com offer our services to anyone who would like to increase the life of their window blinds, not only will you be amazed by the results but will save money by not having to replace your blinds with new ones.

Our ultrasonic machines can take care of mould, mildew, rust, ink and many other stains. We can also provide you with tassels braiding springs etc.

As well as our unbeatable blind cleaning services we can also repair and refurbish your blinds.

Just some of the repairs services we can provide are:

  • If your existing roller is in good condition, one of the services we can offer is to recover the roller in a fabric of your choice from our extensive range of blind coverings.
roller blind cleaning
  • If you find that the bottom of your blind is stained but the rest of the fabric is ok, we can reverse the fabric so your blind will look as good as new.
  • We can also cut off the bottom section of the blind and refinish the blind.
  • We can re-cording or replacing some chain or friction mechanism.
  • Roller blinds with mildew or certain stains can be re-scalloped and made to look like new.

Of course, it is important to check that the roller is in good condition otherwise it is better to replace with our new system roller. For details on our new blind systems please see our new blind systems page here.

Our Blind cleaning services are second to none.

aluminium venetian blinds cleaning

The blinds are cleaned ultrasonically to deliver an extremely deep clean; removing all dirt, mould and mildew grime and soiling from every crevice of the blind. We do all window blinds from roman to roller Venetian and even wooden blind.

Where required/requested, we can also treat the blind with a powerful anti-bacterial/anti-viralagent to deliver a sterilizing clean.

We offer our services to the following:

  • PUBS

The Benefits Of Our Blind Repairs and Refurbishment Service

  • There is no need to measure up to carry out the work.
  • There is no need for a call out.
  • Discounted prices on buying new.
  • Fast turn around times.
  • Just drop in your system to our show room and we’ll have your system look as good as new in no time.

aluminium venetian blinds cleaning

Our Ultrasonic Cleaning System Cleans Aluminum Venetian Blinds with Minimum Effort.

  • Removes dust, dirt, grease & nicotine,
  • Cleans up slats, cords and ladders.
  • Residential & commercial services available.
  • Same day service available by booking appointment only for selected blinds only (t&c apply)
  • We carry a full supply of parts for all of the leading blinds manufacturers.
  • All parts of the blinds are checked to be in working order by our experts.

No one likes having to deal with the headache of cleaning wooden blinds. From using baby wipes to a household vacuum cleaner to an old fashioned duster.

None of these gets the results we want. Unfortunately, the only real and best way of cleaning wooden blinds is to take out the cord, take off the slats, clean the headrail cord and ladders in the ultrasonic machine.

Clean the slats by hand and then to put the whole bind back together its a slow process But WOW what results!!!

roller blind cleaning



We would like to inform all our customers to be aware of the so-called ‘back garden’ or ‘shed’ cleaners. That phrase refers to blind cleaners who do not have a shop location or drop off/ collection point, as it suggests they are not a legitimate registered business. A lot of those people collect and drop off blinds the same day or so and if asked for the address, they provide a home address. A lot of stories are “we have a unit up the road where we clean the blinds” where in reality, they clean your blinds with a hose in their back garden.
A company cleaning blinds must be registered, have an office and must be insured to collect and deliver peoples property as are we. We guarantee great service and professional care. We use ultrasonic machines and a range of chemicals to treat stains off your blinds.
We always suggest making sure you research who you are giving your details to as per phone numbers, address, etc. You should only use registered businesses who will protect your personal data and protect your customer rights.

BLINDS NOTE: All customers please note blinds must be collected and taken out of the plastic wrap within 1-2 days since being wrapped. If not done so, condensation might build up and mould could appear on the blind. We are not responsible for cleaning the blind again free of charge if this happens. We inform all our customers to always collect blinds as soon as possible once they receive a call, they are ready.

T&C’s Apply