Ultrafresh Rug Cleaning Services


We offer a great service in rug/mat cleaning. Rugs vary in sizes and textures hence each has to be treated individually and spot cleaned. We use a variety of cleaning solution to treat several stains to the best possible result.

It is important to remember rugs are affected by ‘wear & tear’ and the longer the rug isn’t cleaned and the stains are sitting in the harder it is to get them out.

Food and drink stains most likely will fade but never come out completely as they contain dying agents that dye the color of the fiber in the rug.

All Rugs Must Be Pre-Paid

Some rugs are more delicate than others and we may not be able to use certain cleaning solutions on it as it may damage the structure.

We always try to ring the customer in those situations to see if you still would like to continue with cleaning the rug.

The turn around time can vary from a week to three weeks.

Please, not all rugs must be air dried which takes up to a week (depending on the thickness of the rug).

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Rug Cleaning Services At The Perfect Price.

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Please note all rugs must be collected within 1-2 days once finished.When collected we recommend opening the rug straight away as we try to dry it to our best but there still could be moisture locked within the layers.

If left rolled up and closed, the rug will get a bad smell. We are not responsible for cleaning the rug again free of charge if this happens.

We inform all our customers to always collect rugs as soon as possible once they receive a call they are ready.


Please note any rugs heavily soiled by dogs or other animals will always have a bit of a smell. It will never come out completely.

Please note prices depend on the size and thickness of the rug.

T&C’s Apply